[tig] Help with calibrating a Sony CRT monitor etc

Michael Orton mike
Mon Aug 9 17:35:23 BST 2004

Hello all,

Just to add to the good information of the last couple of days, I'd 
like to point out that monitor brightness (black level) is probably 
the most misused (or underused) control on a monitor. Try turning 
down the brightness and see what it does to colors: they appear more 

To extend what Martin was saying, the issue is that one's perception 
of monitor brightness varies with ambient lighting. Use brightness as 
an operator control to set up to the surrounding ambient, with the 
SMPTE bars PLUGE signal or similar EBU/BBC pluge. If the monitor is 
properly aligned, color will not vary as the brightness control is 

This is the final tweak after manual or auto-calibration has been done.

Hope to see some folks at Siggraph, which I know has become an 
important show for the film scanning for VFX people.


Mike O

>At 1:36 PM -0700 8/6/04, Martin Euredjian wrote:
>>  I use 35fl for 100% white and ~ .79-.8fl for 20%
>In general terms this the sort of range that I think everyone has been using
>for years.  However, this specification does not, and should not, exist in
the dark (pun intended).
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