[tig] Help with calibrating a Sony CRT monitor did you get my first E mail??

Robb Cadzow rcadzow
Mon Aug 9 19:15:25 BST 2004

...and as Mike o stated ambient light is everything. We use the ~.8 for 
grey since we have lots of rooms with lots of different artists and 
ambient light levels. Its a good starting point, final brightness needs 
to be tweaked based on room and lighting. Its an interesting 
observation to check monitors in the AM and again in the PM with your 
eyes first and meter second. If there is any sun light in the room you 
will see "eyeball drift" .

On Aug 6, 2004, at 1:36 PM, Martin Euredjian wrote:

thanks to Jim Lindelien for supporting the TIG.

> I use 35fl for 100% white and ~ .79-.8fl for 20%

In general terms this the sort of range that I think everyone has been 
for years.  However, this specification does not, and should not, exist 
the dark (pun intended).  There's a requirement of an appropriately 
and calibrated viewing environment to go with the monitor calibration.  
can spend US$45K on a monitor and US$20K on the best colorimeter and 
the thing up nicely by not ensuring that the viewing enviroment is 

SMPTE RP166 is a starting point.  As I have been doing a lot of work in 
area lately I must say that I am now of the opinion that RP166 is 
outdated.  The replacement must take into account such things as color
appearance models --some of which is not easy to quantify.  Having said
that, RP166 is --by far-- preferable to rooms I've seen, where the work 
done in nearly absolute darkness.

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