[tig] Vistek V1645 Video Noise Reducer?

mikko.kuutti at sea.fi mikko.kuutti
Tue Aug 10 11:15:59 BST 2004

Hi folks,

we've been looking for a low cost basic noise reducer to complement our 
venerable MkIII. We've now got a Vistek V1645 Video Noise Reducer on 
offer, and I would very much appreciate any real world comments on it ? 
on or off the list as you wish.

I am told there are only three left (in the world?), but out scanner is 
no longer produced either.

Our needs are very basic, we just need a little bit of noise control 
for archival film scanning. The MkIII is fitted with Quattroscan, but 
not with SDI outputs, so we'll need a way to convert from component to 
SDI first to feed the Vistek.

The tig is a great resource, I hope it will help me this time too.


-- Mikko Kuutti
-- Deputy Director
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