[tig] davinci 2k used

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Aug 11 23:45:13 BST 2004

On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 12:22:04PM -0500, saul at tvi.com.mx wrote:
> thanks to Jim Lindelien for supporting the TIG.
> --
> hello folks, im looking for a divinci 2k in sales, if anybody have one contact
> by mail. send the information to saul at tvi.com.mx or lenin at tvi.com.mx. ingeisra at tvi.com.mx.
> ITS URGENT. i need the dual color corrector. SDI. HD AND THE OPTION FOR

Saul, if you make a deal via the tig I ask for a contribution in
return, thanks.

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