[tig] major TIG webpage updates

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Aug 12 08:28:09 BST 2004

I updated to the new version of TWiki this evening and now have the
Koala Skin as the default (the old one was the GNU Skin).  I think the
organization is better generally but as time goes on it will improve
even more.
If you would like to navigate to a particular place you're
used to seeing on the old left-side menu just access the "index" at
the top of the new main page and find it alphabetically.  The most
popular of these pages will be reorganized to be accessible from the
main page when I have time.    http://tig.colorist.org   is the URL
for the main TIG-TWiki pages.

and please anyone who prefers the old gnu skin let me know... i can
make it selectable by the user (as well as include other skins that
are available).


Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin

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