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Stephan Danser stephan
Mon Aug 16 11:24:57 BST 2004

Hi Gerlof,

We experience the same kind of problems with our AVID mediastation.
We use the Pogle Controller. Through the RS-422 port the Pogle expect to get a message back from a VTR (and in this case the AVID mediastation) what its position is in time. The icon on the Pogle gui is showing that only the AVID is not locked all other connected VTR's or discs are locked.
If there is a mismatch in time during the preroll the edit is aborted. We told AVID about this problem and asked them to contact Martin Greenwood from Pandora to solve this problem.
Martin is happy to give them the propper protocol.
As far as we know the have not contacted Pandora yet.
AVID should use the Sony Protocol through the RS-422 port.
And yes the step function is not working from the Pogle Controller or Da Vinci Controller. You can step (Inch) with the local keyboard from AVID.
An other problem is that sometimes the Timeline crashes with the message INVALID TRIM. Then you have to create a new bin to work with.
To load the Daily's directly in to the avid is a time saving way to work. But as a Colorist you want to have a no worry machine as a second recorder. It should lock every time. Aseptically when you also have to sync the Daily's do a best light for T2T and create a Database Flex or ALE file you do not want to be bothered by a not locking machine.
So yes the AVID Mediastation can be a nice device with some adjustments.

Stephan Danser,
Senior Colorist Postoffice,
stephan at postoffice.nl

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From: "gerlof kamerling" <gerruby2 at hotmail.com>
To: tig at tig.colorist.org
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 14:09:53 +0200
Subject: [tig] avid control

Hi All,
we are trying to get an avid mediastation to work on the 2k internal tlc.
it seems to lock and go into record in normal ntsc mode but when we're 
it in dual sync mode it refuses to lock and keeps on trying.
also the step commands do not work. the mediastation has been setup as a bvw 
i hope somebody has an idea where to look.
manny thanks in advance for the time taken.
Gerlof Kamerling
valkieser capital images
gerlof.kamerling at valkieser.nl

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