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Marc Wielage mfw
Thu Aug 19 21:54:26 BST 2004

On 8/19/04 5:27 AM, "Ole Alstrup" <alstrup at yahoo.com> wrote on the TIG List:

> I wanted to ask the people in the telecine community
> if there are any television series/shows, either
> classic or contemporary, that has been telecined in HD
> formats? I am doing a survey on behalf of a classic tv
> series fandom network.

The main company I see that's involved in this is Mark Cuban's HD Net.  So
far, I believe they're airing CHARLIE'S ANGELS and HOGAN'S HEROES, as well
as one I worked on not too long ago, ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE.
Sony is in the process of re-transferring SEINFELD for HD as well, but I
don't know if or when it's aired.  Paramount has also re-transferred all the
CHEERS episodes in HD, but I don't know when those will air.  And all the
old B&W episodes of TWILIGHT ZONE are in the process of being transferred to

You could probably check HD Net's webpage and find out how many other
episodic shows like this are being aired in HD.  Note that there's an
ongoing controversy as to which aspect ratio in which the show should be
aired.  Since native HD is 16x9 (approx. 1.77), older TV shows aired in that
aspect ratio will lose part of the top and/or bottom of the image.  If they
were aired as they were shot, in 4x3 (1.33), the sides would have to be
matted, which is unacceptable for many (if not most) HD services.

This is not a problem for newer shows shot in 3-perf Super 35mm or Super
16mm, since those formats are tailor-made for 16x9.  But with older 4-perf
4x3 shows, it's a tricky situation.

--Marc Wielage
  LA colorist-at-large

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