[tig] HD telecined TV shows

Marc Wielage mfw
Fri Aug 20 13:04:36 BST 2004

On 8/20/04 2:16 AM, "Adrian Thomas" <adrian at autotv.co.uk> wrote:
> Unacceptable how? We're currently enjoying the Athens Olympics in
> 'pillarbox' in the UK - I still remember seeing the French winter games
> in glorious HD-MAC. How far we've come, eh?

Odd.  We're seeing NBC's HD coverage of the Summer Olympics on this side of
the pond in full-frame 16x9, no mattes.  I wonder where your HD feed is
coming from for the U.K.?

The specific decision on aspect ratios is one from the distributors, not
from the post houses or by colorists.  I know that HD Net is running
CHARLIE'S ANGELS and HOGAN'S HEROES in 16x9, but there's a little teeny
black matte on the extreme left and right.  I wouldn't say it's 14x9, but
there's definitely something going on.

You can contact Mark Cuban of HD Net at mark at hd.net if you want to ask him
about their choice for aspect ratios.  (The address is on their webpage at
http://www.hd.net on the web.)

--Marc Wielage
  LA colorist-at-large

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