[tig] HD telecined TV shows

Adrian Thomas adrian
Fri Aug 20 15:53:36 BST 2004

On 20 Aug 2004, at 15:08, Dick Hobbs wrote:

> A lot of the HD coverage of the Olympics uses Thomson cameras, which 
> provide
> a simultaneous standard definition output, so you should not need 
> co-sited
> cameras.

Great info, but the coverage I'm seeing via the BBC is definitely 50i - 
how would the camera square that circle (ie outputting two different 
picture sizes at two different frame rates simultaneously)? If the BBC 
DO have an HD 50i feed available to them then why are we being treated 
to 4:3? That quibble aside, I'm very impressed with the BBC's 
multi-feed interactive presentation, it's gotta be the best way to 
watch the Olympics yet devised.

Does the NBC HD coverage look like it's native frame rate or is it 

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