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Dick Hobbs dick
Fri Aug 20 16:04:35 BST 2004

To be honest, I have hardly looked at the Olympics coverage yet, so I had
not even realised we are getting it in 4:3 in the UK.

My understanding is that all the big events are being covered by HD capable
scanners, provided by the likes of Alfacam. They are shooting in HD, in
16:9. Someone somewhere has made the decision, though, that the standard
definition feed from the International Broadcast Centre, will be 4:3, which
must be ARCed down in most cases.

The best people to answer these questions would be Panasonic who are prime
contractors for the Olympics, as ever. If there is anyone from Panasonic out
there, maybe they would like to comment.

Despite the fact that I used to edit a leading creative technology magazine
and now edit a leading broadcast hardware magazine, as well as all the other
stuff I do, Panasonic's European PR operation refuses to talk to me so I
cannot help, I am afraid.



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