[tig] Spirit 4k, DSX scans vs. flatbed

Javier Hernanz Zájara javier.hernanz
Tue Aug 24 18:04:21 BST 2004


I'm agree with Gary Welch, DSX is faster than other scanners. In fact,
Imagica and Northlight are ONLY scanners and can not be compared with
"datacines" in the same terms. Obviously, if the main requirement is the
speed, the solution is a DSX (I've not tested Spirit 4K but 2K), which is
stable too.

Elsewhere, speed is becoming improved in this "only-scanner" machines. If
I'm not wrong, Filmlight is preparing an upgrade for scanning with
Northlight one 4K picture in 1 second (2K is faster). Still is slower than
DSX but not 30 times.

Nevertheless I want to say that the analysis I did was very very exhaustive.
We have done films in a DSX and our customers are satisfied with its
stability. Regarding "picture stability" I have no complaints with Cintel

Javier Hernanz Zajara

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