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Gary Welch gwelch
Wed Aug 25 10:12:41 BST 2004

First of all I would like to point out that there are many, many owners of
C-Reality/DSX that have made their purchase decision after carrying out
similar tests on the scanners currently available. I would encourage this

I think in many ways that comparing a 'Datacine' (A data capable Telecine)
operating at between 6 and 15 frames per second (as the DSX does) with
others, that operate typically at around 2 - 4 SECONDS per frame is quite

The original question from Rob was regarding stability. The 'superior'
stability of a traditional slow scanner is because it  utilises a Pin
register system as opposed to a continuous motion system. It seems a little
unfair to be too critical of stability when there is a 30 times speed
differential to be taken into account! 
Please note that Pin register systems are available for these 'datacines'
that will give exactly the same results as the slower scanners. This in turn
however, slows down the frames per second output to about 2 seconds per
It seems that most people we have talked too would rather rattle the data
through at near real-time in the vast majority of projects but maintain the
ability to PIN as and when the material/requirements dictate.

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