[tig] stability of scanning-telecine

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Aug 30 01:22:22 BST 2004

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 08:38:31PM +0200, Christopher Noellert wrote:

> > Please note that Pin register systems are available for these 'datacines'
> > that will give exactly the same results as the slower scanners. This in turn
> > however, slows down the frames per second output to about 2 seconds per
> > frame.
> Does Cintel or Thomson make a pin reg 16 gate?  I shudder to think of
> running a S16 show in the Mil2.  We have enough issues with a 30 sec spot.

Are there any pin registration systems for 16mm that output a more stable 
image than the best edge-guided gates?  I tend to think that the decision-
makers in pre-production won't select a 16mm format if image stability 
is a high priority.

> > It seems that most people we have talked too would rather rattle the data
> > through at near real-time in the vast majority of projects but maintain the
> > ability to PIN as and when the material/requirements dictate.
> Most clients we have have saif exactly the opposite.  They would rather have
> a pristine, stable, dmin measured digital neg after the scanning stage.  In
> their minds there doesn't seem to make any sense cutting corners from the
> get go.  But those are my clients in our little country.

An Olympics of telecine is clearly called for, every four years, but who 
would be the judges?

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