[tig] stability of scanning-telecine

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Aug 30 10:08:59 BST 2004

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 12:44:05AM -0700, Marc Wielage wrote:

> The reality is that I think 16mm is steady enough on a Spirit or C-Reality
> that I've never heard any complaints about image steadiness on these
> machines.  

I think though some of this effect is the result of lowered expectations.  
An analogy could be something like the ride given by the suspension of a 
traditional Jeep compared to that given by the suspension of a BMW: they 
are designed for different purposes and budgets.  (Jeep=16  BMW=35)

> the producers chose not to pin-register the opening title sequences.  The
> only time we did wind up pinning footage in an Inferno was for blue-screen
> composites, like "driving" scenes.

which does bring back into focus an earlier thread about the 
pyscho-physiological effects of weave, first mentioned by George Odell at 
which point I understood.

> But more and more,
> time _is_ a major consideration in post-production, and I think the Spirit
> 4K is going to make big inroads in that area, particularly doing real-time
> high-quality 2K scans.

Spirit 4K: big feeder roads into market (L.A.'s 10 freeway)
Imagica: small calm outlying routes of market share (Pacific Coast Highway)
C-Reality/DSX: direct well-travelled paths to eventual opulence (Wilshire 
Northlight: Aurora Borealis (or Southern Hemisphere's Australis); a 
           fantastic event when seen (like Santa Rosa Island on a clear day)
Arri: Wagnerian art meets engineering-- the Brooklyn Bridge 

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