[Tig] a question about grads.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Dec 30 14:08:46 GMT 2004

I have a question about using grads that is going to need an exacting

what is the difference between gradating in camera and gradating in
telecine (assume for a moment the transfer is High Def) in the
following situation:

static wide shot of a desert, car moving across frame.  film stock
Vision2 100T.  some grain and filmic look desired.   backlit (into sun), 
exposed for car, gradation needed to bring sky down (not to regain
detail but just to introduce darkness at top of frame progressively).

If using a grad in camera, versus using the grad in transfer, will
there be, in the sky, a grain effect captured more effectively than
would be captured from introducing an electronic grad later in transfer 
(assume for a moment that any clipping of the sky is avoided in the tk's 
own output to the color corrector).  

this could be a subtle question..  thanks in advance.
Rob Lingelbach   rob at calarts.edu
tig admin-founder

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