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alexsensei alexsensei
Tue Jan 13 23:54:31 GMT 2004

>>> This is a very newbie and general question. I want to learn some theory on
>>> how you use the different scopes like vectorscope and other colour
>>> corrector tools as a colourist.
>> Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manual Series)
>> by Dominic Case 
>> Film Into Video: A Guide to Merging the Technologies (2nd Edition)
>> by Stuart Blake Jones, Richard H. Kallenberger & George D. Cvjetnicanin
> these authors are also subscribed to the TIG, so Andreas,
> feel free to ask here any specific questions, there is no
> question too basic, we all were in your position once.
> The scopes help at the beginning of a colorist?s education
> especially in balancing the whites and the blacks, which of
> course is also difficult for some otherwise advanced societies.

I think  a good approaach to understand those greenish displays is: 1)
tweaking pots and trackballs watching the results first- on the waveform and
vectorscope and then seeing the results on the master monitor.  2) Same
tweaking -trusting on your eyes looking at "the glass" and then see the
results onto the greenish guys.  3) Talk to the engineer of the house to
lear the theory...  4) Think the waveform represents a lansdcape -whites on
the top and blacks on the bottom. Is not so simple, isnt it?  5) Think the
vectorscope is like a cone looked from the top.  The center is the absence
of color.  The extremes are the opposite.  Lot of chroma.  The bottom center
is the black.  The top center is the white.  6) Looking at the circle of a
vectorscope -clockwise- shows transitions -many differents ones-:)  the
colour of the four seasons of the year; the colours of the wines; the colour
of the hours of a day; the colours of the ages of a human being.

I am not Jais Lamaire gentlemen.  Do not misunderstood, please.

PD:  Those books are great.

Alejandro Perez.

Cinecolor Post
Buenos Aires.  

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