[tig] multifocal contacts?

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Jan 22 02:46:43 GMT 2004

does anyone here on the TIG have experience with multifocal
(progressive) contact lenses?  I?d like to know how
effective they are kfor example in the case of
nearsightedness with a typical prescription of approximately
-2.00 diopter.

my ophthalmologist says that sometimes a better solution to
the need for multifocus is having a focus difference between
the two eyes but with monovision: the dominant eye gets the
distance-correcting lens, and the other (submissive?) eye
gets either no correction (which would be my case) or
correction for reading.  The brain compensates for the
difference in powers somehow.*  There is a possible 
very undesirable drawback to this second option: diminished
depth perception.

* i never forgot a film i saw in elementary science class
that showed a man fitted with inverting lenses.  After a
couple of days wearing them his brain flipped the images,
and then when he took the glasses off, his vision was
inverted and only flipped back to normal after another few
days.  There were scenes in the film of him riding a
motorcycle while his vision was upside-down.

also recently i had the chance to look through the blanks that
the optometrist subsequently cut the lenses for my glasses
from.  it was an amazing experience to see the full field of
vision in good focus, all the way out to the edges.
especially with today?s smaller-sized glasses, i think
we myopics are missing something, and Elton John knows what.

Rob Lingelbach  tig coadmin
colorist, unix admin, noninverting motorcyclist

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