[tig] MPEG4 DVD Players for Executive Dailies playback ?

DCSOS at aol.com DCSOS
Tue Jan 27 14:58:01 GMT 2004

Does anyone have any experience of these MPEG4 DVD Players ?? What 
sort of quality do they support ?? Is this a practical option for 
Dailies ?? How about the idea of recording direct to CD-R ?

For the most part they will not play Quick Time's MPEG-4 but require the 
Windows MPEG-4 varieties (eg WMV or DIVX codecs supported)
The quality part is up to the user, as you can make the MPEG-4 as fat as a 
DVD if you like (but why would you?).. I am wondering if there will ever be 
MPEG-4 settop recorders..there are already CD recorders (settop) that record 
MPEG-1? to CD directly
(Terrapin, Datavideo and other newer offerings)
PS. the Panasonic HEBS-100 will record MPEG-4 onto a DVD-RAM disc
(12 hour record time) for security usage
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