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Bob Festa bfesta
Thu Jan 29 19:00:41 GMT 2004


First off, I think you have to define virtual telecine as a random
access process, and virtual sessions as a suite to suite network.

I've got to tell you, I've done many virtual sessions from SM to HWD or
NYC. The key of course is to have engineering control over both the head
end and tail end of the feed. I personally have sent signals from R!OT
SM to Encore HWD and Company 3 in NYC with total success. These
destinations are all Ascent Media organizations. The two systems we use
are a VIVX fiber solution and a proprietary IP system we call 'UP'.
Signals are complimented with web cam and conference audio for

Clearly, it helps to have an existing working relationship with clients
at both ends, and there is a bit of implicit trust, but all in all, I've
been very happy with the results. I find these sessions can be a little
more of a chore from a communication perspective. I find myself
concentrating on the communication channels as much as the color
channels. With clients in the bay, there is a lot of non verbal
communication, and a lot of shooting the shit that makes communicating
easier. I'm constantly giving an ear to the phone line to make sure that
we are all on the same page, while working the classic conference call

Yes. I am employed by Ascent Media. Yes. These are my opinions.



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> <    How can one really  do a "real" color correct session 
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> California to Chicago.  How does that work?
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