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Dick Hobbs dick
Wed Jun 9 15:28:21 BST 2004


Neglecting for the moment the debate about what "My Canon sensor is 3076 x
2052" actually means, and assuming that you end up with an output of 3076
pixels by 2052 pixels, then yes, you divide pixels by dots per inch to get
the size in inches. I have not run a slide rule over them, but the size you
suggest looks pretty good at 300 dpi.

If you were to take that image into a manipulation package such as Photoshop
(which I mention as the best known of its kind, and not in any way an
endorsement, especially as Adobe's customer support people are bastards),
then you could use its built-in algorithms to change the size, the
resolution in dpi, the pixel count, or all three.

Photoshop allows you to increase the size of the picture, ie end up with
more than 3076 x 2052, using bicubic scaling, should you wish to do so, but
the results are inevitably a lot less than perfect. Scaling down, though,
works very well.



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