[tig] Fixin' Stuff

Bill Topazio BTopazio
Tue Jun 29 21:10:05 BST 2004

Buy a new one, unless you are in a real bind... then you can sometimes find something to work in a pinch until you get a real replacement.  I have had some success using the automatic head-cleaning roller from a Digi Beta.  You have to pop out the encoder shaft and put a small drop of Duco to hold it back in.  The other thing I used was a hand-trimmed piece of air filter foam.  Hand-trimming doesn't work so good.

Oddly, this is probably the first and only time I have encountered a situation where duct tape did not really work so well.  And don't think I didn't try.

If you really want to spend money, the t-balls can be sourced, but if I recall one of them is "modified"- the connector is removed due to physical constraints of the Renny panel.  At least I think that's the case.

Last time I researched this, I think I found TBS225 at BEI Industrial Encoder Division... but I don't recall ordering any; maybe they had an OEM or big minimum order restriction.

There was also a "trade-in" policy at one time, or maybe I just dreamed that, because they changed to a more robust design.

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> All,
> 	Since we are in deep debate about sticky rollers (I use 
> 1 drop of Dawn 
> on a less aggressive scotchbrite pad and lightly wash and rinse in 
> warmer water), I wondered what folks do when the joyball pads/sponges 
> on the encoders (DaVinci888) rot out.  Someone asked this question 
> before but I missed the answer or none was given.  Suppliers or other 
> hints greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Clark Bierbaum

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