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Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Mar 31 18:04:06 BST 2004

On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 09:53:57AM +1100, Richardson, Ian wrote:

> It must be that mountain air,  I vaguely remember a very sobering-up 
> walk from Montreux to Vevy
> where I usually stayed. The 'hay days' at Montreux were good.

I will never forget for my part arriving at Geneva and
feeling quite lost (more than normally anyway) only to run
into none other than Steve Roach in the terminal.  He,
having access to a rental car, took me to my Lausanne Hotel
where there was sadly no record of a reservation.  But as I
was wondering what to do I was amazed to overhear my own
name in a telephone conversation coming from the room on the
next floor up, and discovered a certain inimitable Ray Barp
with his door open, who had the answers (i was there working
for Rank).

> I still remember my amazement at the first Ampex ADO after working with 
> the Vital 'Squeezoom'

and who can forget the Mirage.  Or the DPE 5000, my first
"dve" unless one counts the sometimes interesting things the
Chyron 3 could do with do loops.

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