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To put the DCI test in its proper perspective...

The objective of the DCI test was to evaluate a digital format,
acceptable to the DCI, that could form the basis of a proposal for a
recommended standard format for digital cinema projection. Part of the
test also included evaluation of compression and encryption methods to
be applied to the digital file. The test was not intended to validate
whether 2K DI post-production is more or less viable than 4K, whether it
be in terms of image quality or production costs. 

However the results of the tests seem to indicate that the DCI are
inclined towards a 4K 16-bit linear representation of the digital image
as the source image prior to encryption and compression

The test was constructed to match the digital and optical projection at
the time of the initial test only. A proprietary 3D LUT from Kodak was
rendered into the digital file for the purpose of that first test.  This
test provided a close match (satisfactory to the DCI) at the time of the
initial projection. As the LUT was rendered it was essentially "baked"
into the file and therefore only capable of matching the projection
conditions of the initial test. Subsequent projection cannot be
guaranteed to match - all that can be guaranteed is that the digital
projection, on a properly calibrated projector, will closely resemble
the initial film projection of the first test


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