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Tue Mar 2 16:25:54 GMT 2004

While Aaton probably won't be buying me a beer any time soon, I'll 
second Jeff's comments about their abilities and commitment to getting 
things to work.  I have had experience asking the InDAW to line up audio 
of various stripes with TK of various rates and it's responded well, and 
when it hasn't the company has, by making every effort to understand and 
fix any problems that come up as quickly as possible.

So, while I've seen cheaper, I can't recall anything better or faster 
and I think a change of universal law would be the only way all three 
would be possible.


Jeff Booth wrote:

>OK you asked for it.
>Imagine the scenario - the film is shot at 25fps with audio on DAT. The
>location sound recordist thinks "hey, we're posting in NTSC so that means I
>should record a timecode rate of 29.97, 'cos that's how it's transmitted".
>Initially, the information from the production department is that they will
>edit in PAL, cut the neg and do the final TK in the US. After shooting has
>started, they decide that as Joe Z Editing in LA has offered them a cheap
>deal (and I apologise to Joe Z editing in LA if he exists) and so they
>decide to edit in NTSC.
>How the hell does the post house sync the audio? If you try to sync in TK,
>then all will be a disaster as the current TK systems assume film in the US
>is shot at 24 with 30NDF audio timecode.
>This has happened to me in the UK. At the time, the Aaton InDaw system was
>not able to do this. One email to their software guy produced a fix in four
>days (and two of those were a weekend). Worked perfectly 1st time.
>For starters, the Aaton system doesn't CARE what timecode framerate is on
>the DAT. It automatically creates (whether you like it or not) both Flex and
>ALE files. It can also create a full flex/ALE, together with a flex/ALE of
>just the circled takes. If you put 3 line VITC in the VBI (or in HD, the
>VANC), it will read this code and add the KeyCode for each take in the
>It will import audio from DAT, 1/4" (you have to put the audio through an
>AtoD first), DEVA, Fostex PD6, Nagra V, HHB Portadrive (although I am still
>waiting for HHB to send me some files to confirm this) and of course the
>Aaton Cantar.
>AatonCoded film is a breeze. Arricode is also supported. The InDaw will
>chase the 3 line VITC (either in SD VBI or HD VANC) from TK.
>As I have said before, I use Aaton because it is the best. Yes, they've
>bought me the occasional beer, but that in itself wouldn't make me use their
>Jeff Booth
>Soho Images
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>Jeff Booth wrote:
>Contact me off list for more specific info (regarding syncing of film
>Jeff:  Tell it to everybody.  No matter that is mentions names of companies.
>You are just telling folks what works for you.  It is not a recommendation
>everyone to do everything the same way.  It tells us what works for you and
>company.  Others can tell what works for them.  
>Some times this list can get too "BLAND".  Tell it like it is for you.  And
>others argue that something else is better or cheaper or faster.  Pick any
>of these.
>Also are Deva Disk recorders used in the European market for audio field
>Regards, Bill Hogan

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