[tig] Maximum/Typical acceptable latency in stand alone color corrector

Mark Gilbert mark
Wed Mar 3 09:07:23 GMT 2004


Pardon my ignorance on the subject, but I wondered if anyone could 
tell me what the typical through-latency might be on a stand alone 
color corrector.

We have the choice of implementing color correction into our product 
as a part of disk playback of picture (compensating for latency, by 
backing off the picture), or building a stand alone HD color 
corrector with live input and output.  In the latter case, it may be 
necessary to introduce a processing latency, and I wondered if this 
was common / acceptable in a telecine workflow.

Also, (again pardon my ignorance), in the case of a stand alone 
device, what would be the normal control protocol for it.  Are these 
devices completely self contained with their own GUI, and a built in 
sequencer for color-moves, or is there some standard control protocol 
for real time color-grading instructions, and if so, what devices are 
sending out this control data ?

Any comments would be welcomed.


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