[tig] Disney happenings

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Mar 3 20:00:13 GMT 2004

Some of you might be reading in the entertainment-business
news about the shareholder-investment companies? revolt
against the current CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner, which
will probably result in a vote of no-confidence at today?s
Disney board meeting.  

I was wondering if other colorists, engineers, and facility
owners have heard the same kinds of comments from Disney
employees over the past few years that I have, regarding Mr.
Eisner?s style of running the company.  Apparently he is a
micro-manager, and one without a lot of personal charisma
for the employees, to the extent that this sort of negative
style of his pervades the management of the company and into
the animation and film divisions, such that it just isn?t
that nice a place to work, with little esprit de corps and a
feeling of having to look over one?s shoulder while doing a

Rob Lingelbach  colorist
tig founder, coadmin

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