[tig] Looking for Keykode film type machine readable codes

Jean-Francois Panisset panisset
Thu Mar 4 05:39:08 GMT 2004

Does anyone know where to find information about the film type portion 
of machine-readable Keykode? On the Kodak site, I've found tables which 
tell me how to map from the human readable film identification code to a 
particular film type such as:

KD = 2234
KS = 2272
KE = 5222
KZ = 5274

and so on, but I have been unable to find such a table for the machine 
readable version of this. The PDFs I find on the Kodak site all have the 
same example where the human readable film identification code is "KZ", 
and the equivalent machine readable code is 02 74. This seems to match 
with SMPTE-254M, which defines 02 as identifying Kodak, and I guess 74 
is part of 5274, but an actual table listing these correspondances would 
be nice.

Thanks in advance,

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