[tig] RE: Virus warning - not a hoax

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Fri Mar 5 10:09:07 GMT 2004

I get a lot of these from people who 'look' like they are TIGgers. I also
get some from (US) Ascent Media staff. I always ignore them (as Ascent have
a database of staff contacts on their intranet site).

The 'little buggers' Steve refers to are probably glue sniffing spotty
twelve year olds with nothing better to do.


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To: Jeff Booth; tig at tig.colorist.org
Subject: Re: Virus warning - not a hoax

I too have had similar emails - reporting to be from lots of  people I know
- industry and otherwise.
I've even had emails for myself as well as non-existent people within
There seems to be a lot of e-mail address harvesting going on.
Can't we just locate the little buggers who are doing this and shoot them?

Also, anyone know about emails reporting to come from people looking to
update their 'contacts' data base and asking you to click on a link? Is this


Steve Shaw
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Subject: Virus warning - not a hoax

> I've just received an email in my private inbox from
> digital.praxis at virgin.net
> Someone is trying to look like Steve Shaw (they obviously have never met
> him!)
> It contained the netsky virus.
> Clearly this did not come from Steve, so beware.
> Jeff Booth

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