[tig] E to E

Richardson, Ian ian.richardson
Thu Mar 18 23:18:52 GMT 2004

My understanding is that the full signal 'processing' is being applied 
in E-E.
Ian Richardson
AAV Digital Pictures

Martin Euredjian wrote:

>thanks to Hans Lehman for supporting the TIG.
>Today I had an interesting revelation.
>We were looking at material playing back off a Sony HDCAM deck.  I think it
>was an F500.  Then, we switched to my OmniGen test signal generator, E-to-E
>through the machine, to look at various test patterns.  One of those was a
>zone plate (very useful signal!).  To my surprise, the aliasing and
>artifacts I saw were way beyond what I'm used to.  It took a little bit to
>sink-in and realize that the only variable here was the tape deck.  We
>bypassed the deck and all extraneous artifacts went away.  All of them!
>So...  E-to-E on these decks seems to be seriously damaging of the signal.
>If I had to venture a guess, it seems that the horizontal downsampling (to
>1440) and, maybe even word width reduction (to 8 bits) is part and parcel of
>E-to-E.  Can anyone confirm or deny?  Did we have a broken machine?  Did we
>have a setting in the wrong place?
>BTW, don't bother trying to see this on a BVM-D24 or BVM-D32, you won't be
>able to see what I'm talking about due to the frequency response and
>resolution problems.
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