[tig] HDnet

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Mon Mar 22 16:53:28 GMT 2004

Last night on MSNBC they were talking tech with some industry folks about HD.  They had Mark Cuban on talking about his HDNet service (www.hd.net).  He said some things I found interesting.  He said HDNet is "... currently producing the most HD content."  He did qualify that statement by emphasizing that the HD production was "in HD."  He meant acquired in HD and not film.  Then he continued by saying that to fill out their schedule they first try to acquire HD programming produced by others.  And then he said, "... we also acquire shows that have been shot in 35mm film."  He then qualified that by saying that "... 35mm film is capable of HD but not as good as HD..."  He even mentioned that the "... resolution was better in HD [than film]."  I think he even said "...HD looks better than film."  I found these comments interesting.  Anyone else see this interview or heard him or others from HDNet compare HD to film?  Anyone else have any thoughts?

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

PS I've probably paraphrased his exact words.  But I've tried to be accurate.  I didn't record it.

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