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Michael Orton mike
Mon Mar 22 21:02:28 GMT 2004


It seems to me that correcting these kind of asinine untruths is 
precisely one of the reasons why we have a body like the TIG. Can I 
suggest that we get together to find a way to promote both film HDTV 
in a sensible and accessible way and dispel some of the nonsense that 
seems to be doing the rounds in the "media"?

For starters, how about an "alternative" TIG technical seminar at 
NAB? Just enough to attract attention? I'd be game to present a 
partisan and opinionated (of course!) paper on alternatives to CRT 

Any thoughts?

Mike Orton

At 6:24 PM +0000 3/22/04, Graham Collett wrote:
>.. 35mm film is capable of HD but not as good as HD..."  He even
>mentioned that the "... resolution was better in HD [than film]."  I
>think he even said "...HD looks better than film." 
>Sounds to me like he doesn't know what he's talking about.  But
>unfortunately these people get heard, even worse, get listened to....

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