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G. Baker "Telecine Sales" hdedit
Tue Mar 23 05:45:18 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

I sent an e-mail to Mark, I copied the posts that were

Here are two e-mails I got back.

 "Mark cuban" <mark.cuban at dallasmavs.com> Wrote:
Good, I didn't say hd was better, I said that viewers
like the video 
look a lot better. That we are looking to do
everything in hd at the 
expnse of film.

If the post people don't like it....we can let viewers

Btw, never said hd res was higher han film, they asked
why hd was 
better, I said because the resolution was higher and
then said hd is to 
dvd as dvd is to vhs


This is the second I recieved. In responce to asking
him to debate these issues...

 "Mark cuban" <mark.cuban at dallasmavs.com> Wrote:
There is nothing to debate

When asked, 100 pct of our customers perferred content
shot in hd video 
over content converted from film.
As I said, I know film has more resolution, but
encoded atsc versions 
mpeg2 , ecoded down from telecine output doesn't get
it done with 
viewers when compared to comparable content shot in hd

If your people think they are so smart, they should be
able to find out 
what I really said before they go off


Well what do we think about that?

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