[tig] HDnet - thanks for getting Cuban's thoughts

Greg D. gd.tk
Tue Mar 23 15:05:52 GMT 2004

Please pass along to Mark Cuban that I tried my best to convey his comments
as I remembered them.  I did not mean to accuse him or hd.net of anything.
I simply found it "interesting" his specific comparisons and comments he
made about HD and 35mm film. It did to me come across as he reiterates, that
he/his viewers find HD somewhat "better" (my interpretation of what he was
saying) than 35mm film (which he specifically referred to a couple times).
I figured the TIG members would have a range of opinions regarding any and
all comparisons between HD and film.  My opinion is that 35mm for HD is
still a great acquisition medium.  I quite enjoy the HBO offerings in HD
from film, for example.  I certainly agree with Mark Cuban that sports are
indeed great in HD.  Business-wise it would be great if we could get the
advertisers to HD sooner than later, and Mr. Cuban may have some thoughts or
be able to help with that transition.

Greg Dildine
Boston, MA

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thanks to Hans Lehman for supporting the TIG.

Hi guys,

I sent an e-mail to Mark, I copied the posts that were

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