[tig] Was HDnet You gotta read this!!!- Now Temporal resolution

Richard Torpey rtorpey
Tue Mar 23 17:12:03 GMT 2004

Hi Folks,
One thing to keep in mind is the target audience - sports fans. In the
context of the venue - a sporting event - the preference for HD video with
60 images/sec over film at 24 images/sec is quite understandable. Having had
the opportunity to work with 720p material at ABC I can tell you that it is
an excellent choice for the application - a sporting event where the
temporal resolution is at least as important as the spatial resolution.
1080i at 60 fields/sec is also a good choice - you need to match the medium
to the imagery you wish to display. 
Hate to be in the position of seeming to be "anti-film" but 60 images/sec
wins out for me for sports.

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 "Mark cuban" <mark.cuban at dallasmavs.com> Wrote:
Good, I didn't say hd was better, I said that viewers
like the video 
look a lot better. That we are looking to do
everything in hd at the 
expnse of film.

If the post people don't like it....we can let viewers

Btw, never said hd res was higher han film, they asked
why hd was 
better, I said because the resolution was higher and
then said hd is to 
dvd as dvd is to vhs

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