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Michael Orton mike
Wed Mar 24 03:18:07 GMT 2004

OK lets get to the issue here.

The perception is that "HD" is "better" than "film", abetted by the 
interpretation of remarks by Mr. Cuban, which sound like they may 
have been misconstrued. The issue is not what was or wasn't said, it 
is the perception, which for many punters equals reality.

Whether some film stocks are down 40% at 1920 lines, not pixels mind 
you, but lines, is immaterial to the need for greater than that 
resolution to present an accurate picture of what is on the film.

Dont make me lecture everybody on sampling theory. It can get very 
boring very quickly.

Instead ask yourselves why, if it doesnt make any difference, would 
people seriously consider plunking down $400K for a 4k scanner, or 
megabucks for a Spirit 2??? Remember, we are talking about serious 
business people here, well, OK, strike that last sentence.

If the TIG can't be bothered to correct a fundamental 
misunderstanding about film versus HDTV, then whom can we rely upon 
to do it?

And yes, of course there are situations where HDTV capture is a more 
appropriate solution (lets get away from better/not better), and one 
of them is rapid motion sports.

so there...

Mike O

At 8:24 PM -0600 3/23/04, Jeff Kreines wrote:
>On Mar 23, 2004, at 4:54 PM, Richardson, Ian wrote:
>>On that note, Part of the 'factory' alignment kit for the Japanese 
>>Telecine starting
>>with a V...
>Which is no longer manufactured, right? ;-)

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