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Thu Mar 25 01:15:49 GMT 2004

You're absolutely right Craig. Options did a great job advancing the
telecine industry.  Donna and Peter helped me out of a jam on several
occasions.  I'll contribute to the cause.

To Steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is

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> thanks to Hans Lehman for supporting the TIG.
> --
> > I look forward to arguing the point over many beers at any NAB
> > telecine bash you care to name.
> >
> > Talking of which, are there any? I think we should be told.
> Speaking of which -
> I offered at one point to send Donna from Options to NAB for any bash
> there.... my offer still stands. I will pick up the planefare should she
> want to go. Of course, anyone else who might want to contribute to such a
> thing would never be turned down. I personally am saddened anytime someone
> who has given so much to a community is allowed to fade away without
> recognition. My further regret is that I am not attending NAB this year,
> I am up for contributing however I can. Anyone with me on this?
> Craig Leffel
> Senior Colorist
> Optimus
> Chicago
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