[tig] HDnet

Craig Leffel craig
Thu Mar 25 01:33:28 GMT 2004

>  Options did a great job advancing the
> telecine industry.  Donna and Peter helped me out of a jam on several
> occasions.  I'll contribute to the cause.

To all of you who written me so quickly -

You are gentlemen of the highest order. Indeed, I was weened on Options
products, and bailed out of many jams by Donna and Peter. Donna even went
out of her way each time I saw her to make sure my ugly fat-ass mug made her
newletter. Silly as it might be, it always made me smile to see all of our
"made for radio" faces in her newsletter.

I've been looking through my addresses tonight, and I cannot find hers...
can someone please forward her my renewed offer, or pass along her email to
me please?

Thanks again to all the early contributors.

Craig Leffel

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