[tig] Analog to digital: Borders?

Sebastian Sylwan liste
Sat Mar 27 20:36:33 GMT 2004


When you pass through a computer you're effectively using pixels that have 
a (pixel) aspect ratio of 1:1

In digital video pixel aspect ratio is slightly less than 1,1 

I'm not sure i understood your question entirely, but my guess is depending 
on how your pc hardware deals with the capture, you may not be taking the 
pixel aspect ratio into account. If you stay in video (as a transfer 
medium) you don't have that problem.

Hope this helps



At 14.36 27/03/2004, Andreas Wider?e Andersen wrote:
>thanks to Hans Lehman for supporting the TIG.
>Hi all!
>I have a question: When I scan films on an FDL-60 and output to a DV tape, 
>then capture the footage into a computer I get a black border on both sides.
>When I capture a filmframe shot with an optical scanner with a DV camera I 
>get the whole frame filled. See these examples (720x576 pixels):
>Super8 frame from DV camera:
>Super8 frame from FDL-60:
>Why is this?
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