[tig] b+w stock question

alexsensei alexsensei
Thu Mar 18 02:38:26 GMT 2004

> I think it's a common misconception that all someone
> has to do is suck out the chroma and it looks like
> Black and White. If the end result is going to be
> B & W, I think the images of B & W stock
> are superior to Color because of the grain and gamma
> curves. I think just working with B & W will affect the
> edit and composition of the film and could possibly give
> an altogether different result than shooting with color.
> Rich Montez

Agree with Rich.

Black & White processing has variable gamma.  So you could change developer
temperatures or processing speeds to alter the whole contrast of every
camera roll.  That's not possible with colour processing.  Fixed gammas.
B%W images are not superior to colour images. Just another world.
Compositing with B&W is a matter of rotoscoping.  Compositing in colour it's
a most pleaseant challenge...

Alejandro Perez
Cinecolor Post.

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