[tig] Telecine Bash 2004! Thank You!

G. Baker "Telecine Sales" hdedit
Sat May 1 04:01:55 BST 2004

Hello To Everyone!

Wendi and I wanted to thank everyone for the huge
turnout at the Telecine Bash 2004. We hope that all
the folks that got a T-Shirt will enjoy them for years
to come. We're already getting ready for next years
T-Shirt design.

Our congratulations go out to the two Award Recipients
Peter Swinson and David Tosh for achievements that
have made this such a cool industry. Enjoy the trophy
and the booze :)

We are already making plans to make next years event
even bigger.

Telecine sales will be hosting pictures from the party
on our web site at www.telecinesales.com coming in the
next few weeks.

We thank everyone for allowing us to be one of the
major sponsors for the night. We're looking forward to
seeing everyone at IBC. Please watch for Time and
Location for the Telecine IBC Bash in Amsterdam.

We hope that NAB was a success for everyone!

Cheers to you all!!!!!

Wendi Deaner
Guy Baker
Telecine Sales
Castaic California
"The Only Way to Predict the Future is to Create It"

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