[tig] Standard def finishing in data style

Clark Bierbaum bierbaum
Fri May 14 00:22:17 BST 2004

	I have done a number of SD projects using a modified methodology:
		I discuss the final desired look with the client.  I then do the 
dailies leaning toward the end look with some room to "backup" if they 
change their minds, layoff to d-beta.  They offline and then I conform 
in eQ and we do final color.

	I have found when I have to go back to the "normal" selects path I 
miss the tools in eQ - unlimited tangent based windows, dust busting, 
and most importantly working with only the frames that go to air in 
their proper order.

	To the point of flat d-beta having the range I would, in theory, 
worry.  BUT I had a session last year where the agency didn't attend 
the final selects supervised by the director (in another city) and 
hated what he did.  We were able to "undo" some major correction which 
I swore we would not be able to do - I wanted to go back to the film 
but they wanted to try it.  The range and cleanliness of the Q line is 
amazing - I would say the best math of any box out there.

	Still a YOUNG product but even the skeptics may be happily surprised.

	The one challenging issue is clients now expect to composite shots and 
do selects xfer in the same session in the same amount of time and 
don't seem to remember that this work used to occur in TWO rooms with 
TWO operators.

Clark Bierbaum
Senior Colorist / Finishing Artist
The Film Foundry
Charlotte, NC
clark at thefilmfoundry.com

> Hard not to agree with you there Stuart. I'm still waiting for that
> perfect hybrid of software tools and hardware speed.
> But can you really take a flat pass digi, compress the hell out of it,
> stretch the exposure back out in Quantel, and expect the same level of
> color quality from a traditional telecine? Isn't that an awful lot of
> bit bashing?>
> Best,
> Bob
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