[tig] Re: Standard def finishing in data style

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri May 14 21:08:42 BST 2004

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 09:30:38AM -0400, Michael Most wrote:
> You know, once again I have to laugh at the rapt attention that's being 
> paid to "new" methods that have been used to finish television shows in 
> the US for almost 20 years now.

Yes it's true, like dude, we were doing this with D2 to D2
(D->A->D) at Editel LA in the early 90's with Steve Paris'
tape-to-tape room and then, earlier at Action Video going
1"B to 1"C, and before that, I remember at Unitel NYC with
the Ampex Editec 2" system ... (ok that's enough :] )


Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, admin

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