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With all due respect, one of the most telling and informative words that is missing from Jerry's column is one you see burned over late nite TV infomercials: "Advertisement!"  I'm working on the column that promotes my "revolutionary" way of doing things, after I figure out what it is.  I know it's not re-lining up an off-color composite so it plays in the context of the piece. These crafts handshake together respectfully. If Jerry's revolution will "Revolutionize" by whom and how final color gets done, bring it and let the "REVOLUTION" begin. The market will decide if it's willing to abandon it's trusted talent and collaborations. 
I have a guitar in my room but when I pick it up and play the cue I think fits the mood my clients laugh then tell me to get the heck back up on my desk. 

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On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 09:30:38AM -0400, Michael Most wrote:
> You know, once again I have to laugh at the rapt attention that's being 
> paid to "new" methods that have been used to finish television shows in 
> the US for almost 20 years now.

Yes it's true, like dude, we were doing this with D2 to D2
(D->A->D) at Editel LA in the early 90's with Steve Paris'
tape-to-tape room and then, earlier at Action Video going
1"B to 1"C, and before that, I remember at Unitel NYC with
the Ampex Editec 2" system ... (ok that's enough :] )


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