[tig] Congratulations to Michael Moore and the rest of the Fahrenheit 9/11 crew

Robert Lund robert.lund
Sun May 23 02:04:57 BST 2004

Richard Torpey wrote:

>Congratulations to Michael Moore on winning the Palme D'Or at Cannes today!
>I hope everyone has an opportunity to see this film in the US - it's worth
>spending two hours of your life to watch a film like this one. 
As this group seems to be populated by person of science, who ostesibly 
strive for balance in forming opinions, I feel compelled to note the 
comments of Jean Luc Godard:

Jean-Luc Godard, the legendary French director who helped to launch the 
New Wave movement in the 1960s, had harsh words for Moore this week. 
Godard's latest film, Notre Musique , premiered on Monday, the same day 
as Fahrenheit 9/11 . Later in the week, Godard lashed out at Moore at a 
press conference, calling him "halfway intelligent."
Godard went on to say that the Flint, Mich.-born director lacks 
subtlety. "Moore doesn't distinguish between text and image," Godard 
argued. "He doesn't know what he's doing."


But of course, that only addresses the filmmaking aspect of the work. 
Despite the raves of US-hating Europeans and Hollywood leftied, Bowling 
for Columbine has been so thoroughly debunked it's hard to believe 
anyone would take Moor'e next film seriously (except the French, of course).

Anyone interested in spending two hours of their life may want to peruse 
such sites as http://www.moorewatch.com/ , http://mooreexposed.com/ , 
http://www.moorelies.com/ , and to be released this summer 
http://www.michaelmoorehatesamerica.com/ . The Wall Street Journal takes 
him on too at 
http://www.opinionjournal.com/forms/printThis.html?id=110003233/ , and 
there's quite rational dissection of Bowling at 

Just to maintain some kind of balance...

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