[tig] Color balance LCD monitors

bobineinc at yahoo.com bobineinc
Mon May 24 20:42:16 BST 2004

Lcd contrast is greater than Crt monitor, Lcd monitor
angle don't have to go very far out of their view
angle before they start to look different, some
calibrator have too wide angle and they calibrate
wrong. The blacks are wrong and it is better to buy a
narrow angle screen (170-degrees ) with a narrow angle
calibrator. An other thing is that people evaluate
their Lcd when they are brand new and forget about
evaluating them later. Because Lcd control have no
gain or bias so it is not possible to adjust the white
or black with analogue/hardware/control(very fine),
you have to resolve with digital/control(very coarse)
through the video card and some LUT . With digital
shareware sometime the luminosity control for white
are not even there witch means the contrast will be
all over the place. One day calibration will rarely
equal the next day calibration. If you display a saw
100 you can quickly observe the shape your Lcd is in.
The 100 saw should display banding free picture and
very neutral in the blacks and the whites. If it is
not perfect you can play with Mac/supercal or buy a
new Lcd or a calibrator but you could go crazy .
Professional Crts rules! 
Sony/Barco/Eizo have some great Lcd and Eyeone/Spyder
some good calibrator.

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