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Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue May 25 21:08:53 BST 2004

On 2004-05-25 at 12:55, Glenn Gundlach (stratus46 at yahoo.com) wrote:

> Gate weave is now a NEAT thing to put into the
> picture. 
> What is next? Gee, those scratches are really cool?

scratch add-in has been prolific .. 
In the commercial world, I remember back in the eighties when Larry
Bridges started having me throw various pieces of film in the gate by
hand to record sprocket holes, academy countdowns, framing charts,
Indian test frames, anything we could get our hands on for his quick

It's too bad the sound and image of a 2" quad head clog, 1" tape
crease, 2" tape scratch, and other errata never came into vogue.

There were times though when recorded horizontal and vertical unlock 
were sought after, and the scan collapse to a line and then a beam
point.  As these fads have expired so too may these filmish

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