[tig] Monitoring question

Jan & Eileen wb9iph
Sat Nov 13 02:16:55 GMT 2004

My first impression is a bit sarcastic, in that unless you display your film
transfer on a monitor that is calibrated against a standard of some sorts,
the only place it should be seen it THAT MONITOR OR DISPLAY, because that is
the only one it will look right upon..... The monitor it was colored on....

For example, if your display was bright red, and you made it look "Correct"
I think you would understand it would look poor on most any other monitor.

The idea is to reference your black and white levels, as well as your color
levels on this monitor with a known standard of black and white levels...as
well as correct grey levels in between. 

The idea being that if a display is fed with a known level of video, and it
output's light at a known Color temperature and light level, Then, you can
be comfortable that the image you create on your display will match the
display across town or country.

If your displays don't match a standard.... All bets are off.

Notice I didn't go into viewed format, or the inherent resolution of the


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