[Tig] Any parts, manuals, setup or ops tips for (chuckle) an RCA TK-29 in a TP-55?

Mark Rages markrages
Thu Dec 1 05:27:00 GMT 2005

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On 11/30/05, Ted Langdell <colorist at tedlangdell.com> wrote:

> I'm in no huge hurry on the camera... but may use the multiplexer (the
> mirrors part of the most common form of television station telecine) as
> an optical switcher in conjunction with a modern 3-chip camera looking
> at the second camera port.
> I have several TP-55 manuals (although not specific to this
> multiplexer) and several for the TP-7 but lack manuals for the TK-29
> and the TP-66.
> Friend in Reno http://www.lionlmb.org/quadpark.html may have one for
> the '66.

If you don't get a TP-66 manual, I can get you a copy.

We have a few TP-66s for home movie transfer.  But we are not using
original multiplexers or cameras.  I relocated the lens mount and
mounted a camera right on the front.

Would you have a use for a new old stock TP-66 remote control panel?

PS. I can't recall if I've posted to the TIG before.  So hi, everybody!

Mark Rages
Telecine Engineer
Home Movie Depot
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