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Ted Langdell colorist
Thu Dec 1 02:52:54 GMT 2005

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A few years ago... the VP-1 came up in discussion on the TIG.

> At 7:43 PM 6/6/02, JSnopes at aol.com wrote:
> >When I was at MIT in the early 70s, we had one of the very rare Kodak
> >Super-8 flying spot scanners, the VP-1 Videoplayer, that we modified 
> for
> >double system use.  Neat idea, a desktop telecine, but I hated Super 
> 8!
> >(MIT invested a fortune in trying to develop a professional S8 system 
> for
> >sync sound filmmaking.)
> >
> >Jeff "anyone remember the rectangular flywheel in TP66s?" Kreines
> I have a Kodak VP-1 and it might be the strangest collection of stuff I
> own.  I was also the second-highest bidder on the Rank Mark III on 
> ebay a
> couple of weeks ago.  Like the mechanic at the garage said, I always 
> wanted
> to work on one of those things.
> C.J. Scheppers

A list reader happened to mention the VP-1 on the phone today in reply 
to my TK-29C post. (Thanks SH)

Wondering whether CJ still had his, and whether his worked or was still 



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