[Tig] 18% gray?

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Thu Dec 1 04:14:14 GMT 2005

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Someone posted here recently that he was setting up a critical viewing 
room and planned to paint it 18% gray.  SMPTE RP166-1995 provides 
recommendations for the critical viewing environment.  It says that 
the wall behind the monitor should be painted a neutral white or gray, 
and that the maximimum reflected light should not exceed 10% of the 
peak luminance value of the monitor white.  It recommends a D6500 
white point with a screen luminance of 120 cd/m^2.  So reflected light 
off of the wall should be about 12 cd/m^2.  Working surfaces should be 
illuminated in the range of 30-40 lx.

So I have a few questions for the experts out there:

   o How many of you carefully followed RP166 while setting up your
     viewing room?

   o Does 18% gray have special properties?

   o The screen luminance is specified to be 120 cd/m^2 but emerging
     LCD and DLP technologies produce much higher light levels than this
     (e.g. 500-800 cd/m^2).  Given this, should the 10% reflectance
     value still be followed?  Should the room be brighter to

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